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Massey's cutting-edge research works hard in the real world, not just the classroom or laboratory. Find out how you can benefit from Massey's expertise with our affordably priced public clinics and services.

Animal services

    Animal feed testing service

    Massey experts provide a processed animal food testing service. We adhere to industry standards such as AAFCO for feeding protocoI testing (growth, maintenance and gestation/lactation) and AAFCO nutrient profile testing. We can provide detailed reporting on measures such as metabolisable energy determination, urine pH and other urinary and blood metabolite measurements.

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    Animal Genetic Services

    Massey University’s Equine Parentage and Animal Genetics Services Centre offers the most comprehensive range of DNA-based genetic testing for animals in New Zealand.

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    Bug identification service

    Massey scientists provide a bug identification service. Email us with your enquiry.

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    Companion Animal Clinic

    Top-quality veterinary care for all types of small pets. We are open to the public, and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are the first choice veterinary clinic for local pets as well as a referral hospital for difficult cases.

    Companion Animal Clinic

    Massey Genome Service

    Massey Genome Service provides DNA & RNA sequencing services to New Zealand researchers and students.

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    Endocrinology services

    Massey University provide radioimmunoassay and ELISA methods to measure hormones and other biological compounds for commercial clients and for collaborative research projects in many different species.

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    Equine Veterinary Clinic

    Our highly skilled equine team offers a broad range of medical and surgical expertise. You can bring your horse in by appointment or ask your vet to refer your horse to us in difficult cases.

    Equine Veterinary Clinic

    Farm Services Clinic

    Massey University’s Farm Services Clinic provides on-farm treatment for all farm animals as well as in-clinic consultations as required. We have a large animal hospital in Palmerston North providing ongoing care as well as advanced diagnostic imaging, intensive care and surgery for our patients.

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    Manawatū Microscopy and Imaging Centre

    The MMIC facility is available for use by organisations such as researchers, Crown Research Institutes, other teaching institutions, hospitals and commercial clients. We offer transmitted light and fluorescence microscopy, electron microscopy and image analysis and have a professional team of specialists to help you with your microscopy needs.

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    Micro Aqua Tech

    Part of Massey University's Hopkirk Institute, the Micro Aqua Tech service provides expert services in the water-borne diseases giardia and cryptosporidium. This includes investigating the enumeration and viability of Giardia & Cryptosporidium in water, shellfish or sewage. We can also evaluate novel anti-giardia/cryptosporidium products and carry out survey work.

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    Pathobiology service

    We provide histopathology support and interpretation, developing methods to quantify disease severity and study design for industry research.

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    Pig production consultancy

    Massey University is contracted by NZ Pork to provide technical advice and services to the pork industry. We run seminars and workshops, provide technical services and consult on environmental issues, animal welfare and industry analysis.

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    Pet Emergency Centre

    We are the only 24-hour pet emergency centre in the central North Island. Our team is ready to provide excellent emergency and critical care treatment to your pet in our purpose-built, fully equipped facility.

    Call 0800 PET EMERGENCY (0800 738 363)

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    Veterinary referral service

    This service is for veterinarians who wish to refer a case in order to gain access to the specialist diagnostic procedures and second opinions offered by Massey Veterinary Teaching Hospital staff.

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    Wildbase Hospital

    Wildbase Hospital is New Zealand's only dedicated wildlife hospital. We provide a nationwide service and are at the forefront of veterinary care of New Zealand’s native birds, half of which are classified as threatened or endangered.

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    Wildbase Oil Response

    Wildbase Oil Response works to minimise the damaging effects of oil pollution on wildlife. We undertake the care, rehabilitation and release of animals after a marine oil spill. We also provide training internationally in wildlife oil spill response and management.

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    Community services

      Massey University Library

      Access a wealth of resources and contemporary publications through our award-winning library.

      Massey University Library

      Sports and recreation centres

      Each campus has a recreation centre with gym and sports facilities.

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      Massey offers a variety of childcare facilities and services at or near our campuses.

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      Human health

        ActivEating programme

        The aim of an ActivEating programme is to help children accept new foods and to add more variety to their diet. Parents can express their interest in the programme. Applicants will be assessed for their suitability. *Documentary: The secret lives of fussy eaters

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        Beverage Lab

        Beverage Lab provides services in the design, research and development of beverage products which offer nutritional benefits, wellness ingredients, satiety, and performance enhancement. We provide innovative customised solutions for our clients.

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        Business development - Food Innovation

        If you are an individual or business looking for advice, consultancy or to commission research in any area of food science, food technology or the business of food, please contact Food Innovation. The team have extensive food industry experience and can help with everything from brainstorming concepts to small production trials. We can connect you with the relevant Massey University expertise, services and facilities and/or project manage your project.

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        Healthy ageing consultancy

        The Healthy Ageing Research Team are leading experts in issues that arise from an aging population. They can create profiles of the aging population of New Zealand. And provide overviews and advice about the social health and economic factors that facilitate healthy aging in New Zealand.

        Contact Andy Towers

        Massey psychology clinics

        Massey University’s psychology clinics offer psychology services to the general public. We also do research, train psychology students, and offer services for practising psychology professionals. We have clinics on each campus:

        Nutrition Laboratory

        Specialists at Massey University's Nutrition Laboratory provide consultancy for your food business, including nutritional testing of food products including for shelf life, food safety and product formulation.

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        Noise consultancy

        If acoustic engineering consultants are unable to help you with an unusual or specialist project, we have the expertise and equipment to measure and assess noise in unique environments.

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        Public health consultancy

        The Environmental Health Indicators New Zealand (EHINZ) team provide technical and analytical consultancy services across all areas of public health. We also produce a range of information products that provide robust evidence for policy development and decision-making.

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        Speech Language Therapy Clinic

        Our clinic at Massey University’s Auckland campus provides services for communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Student clinicians assess and treat clients under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced clinical staff.

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        Sport and exercise testing

        Athletes, sports teams and the public can book for tests at one of our laboratories:

        Industry and business

          Consultancy and commissioning research

          Whether you need research to identify the opportunities or issues in your business or industry, or help with planning or implementation of business strategy, Massey University has the expertise to help your business.

          We can tap into expertise across the university - offering multidisciplinary commercial research and consultancy services.

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          Community Accounting Service - Manawatū

          Massey provides free financial advice to non-profit community groups through the Community Accounting Service in the Manawatū. Accountancy students work under the supervision of a chartered accountant to provide advice, training and support services. There are also free, regular clinics for treasurers and board members of small to medium-sized community groups. Book a session for your organisation below.

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          Community Accounting Service - Auckland

          Massey University provides free financial advice to non-profit community groups through the Community Accounting Service in Auckland. Accountancy students work under the supervision of a chartered accountant to provide advice, training and support services. There are also free, regular clinics for treasurers and board members of small to medium-sized community groups.

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          Construction contract creation

          Massey staff have expertise in drafting building contracts so that the contract is more succinct and easily interpreted.

          Dispute over a construction contract can incur large amounts of money and time. This delays works, increases costs and strains relationships.

          Contracts can be populated with risk assignment clauses as required for each project.

          Contact Naseem Ali Ameer

          Destructive and non-destructive testing

          We have expertise in testing for yield and tensile strength of a range of materials, using destructive and non-destructive methods. Our equipment include a tensilometer and scanning electron microscopes.

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          Knowledge Exchange Hub

          The Knowledge Exchange Hub is a world-class centre for curiosity-driven research in the field of social citizenship and big data analytics. We bring together a dedicated team of transdisciplinary researchers to identify and work on critical social, ethical and intellectual issues that face New Zealand and the world today.

          We also help individual organisations solve complex business problems through our commercial research and consultancy services.

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          Lighting services

          We have equipment in our photometric laboratory to test lighting performance, energy consumption of new lighting technologies and research and development of new luminaires. The photometric laboratory is on Massey's Auckland campus.

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          Manawatu statistics consultancy

          Statistical consultancy service from the Statistics and Bioinformatics group. We provide advice to researchers within Massey University as well as private organisations.

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          Strategy development for organisations

          Researchers in the Practice Research and Professional Development Hub work alongside organisations to develop strategies for researching their practice and to document the interventions that are most effective in working with their client populations. A key focus is on building critically reflective organisations that are able to respond to the diversity of client populations and understand the local contexts of Aotearoa New Zealand and its global relationships.

          Contact Robyn Munford

          Seed Testing Service

          We provide an independent seed-testing service offering a wide range of seed-quality assessment tests. We are accredited by the International Seed Testing Association and provide tests for clients including seed companies, farmers, research institutes, small businesses and individuals.

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          Zero Waste Academy

          The Zero Waste Academy facilitates research and development engagement between the New Zealand waste and recycling industry and the University's academic community.

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