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Massey Business School experts take the latest research and examine how it can help you solve the big issues your business faces. Our experts and guest speakers share their experience and knowledge in an series of free events where you can join the discussion around the topical issues we’re confronted with in business today.

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Housing Affordability – opportunities in the rental market

What makes for an affordable housing solution in New Zealand? For many years, the New Zealand ideal has been owning a house on a quarter acre section. If that wasn’t possible, families rented a state house or rented in the private market.

However, with the increase in private ownership of rental properties and the government’s policy of decreasing its quota of state houses, things have changed. New opportunities and threats are emerging from this new rental space.

New Zealand currency

Shared Prosperity Index

The Government is committed to putting people’s wellbeing at the heart of its policies, including reporting against a wider set of wellbeing indicators. The broader set of indicators aim to show a more rounded measure of success, recognising that a country’s prosperity needs to be shared in order to allow for growth and social mobility, but also to maximise the innovative potential of the economy. Currently we don’t have a measure for shared prosperity, or a consensus on what this actually means. These talks outlined the latest research from Massey Business School on a Shared Prosperity Index – identifying the dimensions that form the basis of how a society fairly shares its prosperity, and how reducing barriers to opportunity can be a key factor in enhancing economic growth.

Sport management

The challenging issues faced by sporting organisations, athletes and supporters.


Disruptive technologies in the field of finance.


PR practitioners and media heavyweights discuss PR triumphs and disasters.

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