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Adjusting to the new normal

Massey Business School presents the 2020 Business ReBoot webinars. These explore the challenges of doing business in the time of Covid-19, and help provide some guidance and reassurance as we pivot to the new normal.

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Positioning for the Long Term: Evolving Consumer Preferences and Retail Strategies

What you need to know to ensure you are connecting with customers, in the right way for today, tomorrow and the future.

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Restructuring Tools for Retailers in Company Law

Hear our experts discuss: Update on what we are seeing with landlord and supplier negotiations; Changes to retail law to protect retailers and restructuring tools available under the Companies Act.

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Employment Law, Health and Safety and People Performance

How business can meet obligations under NZ employment law and health and safety regulations, and to develop and monitor the performance of staff to build your business through the after-effects of lockdown, includes: Managing staff through other ways such as reduced hours and pay, hibernation; Holidays Act implications and Engagement: getting everyone to perform – what it takes.

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Logistics and fulfilment - right-sizing physical flows

Controlling variable costs, managing fixed costs and creating new revenue streams within and beyond business-as-usual.

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Stocks, costs and streams

How to manage merchandise and product stock management when cash flow is tight • Cost control – getting it right – not too little, not too much • Creating new revenue streams from my existing business

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Retail store experiences

How to reopen and resume trading in the new retail normal, including re-planning shoppers’ entry to your store, balancing services, contactless pick-up and effective signage, messaging and support equipment.

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Get Engaged Early!

How to identify, connect with, motivate, convert and measure customers in the new retail environment. Our digital marketing experts will share their experiences and advice in identifying, connecting with, motivating, converting and measuring customers in the new retail environment.

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Get Online Fast!

With so many options for web platforms, payment processors, delivery or click & collect, it can feel like a moving feast to get up and running again while meeting COVID-19 restrictions. Two of New Zealand’s leading IT companies, Zeald and Acronym, shared their experience in bringing New Zealand retailers online and to social media.  Hear how these companies can get you started, or accelerated, online.

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Adjusting to the new normal: lease and legal considerations

With so many adjustments required to practices, policies, premises and personnel for restarting under Levels 3 and 2, you might be feeling overwhelmed with what you can, must, and cannot do. Two retail legal experts shared their experiences and views in negotiating retail property and leases, consumer and privacy law issues in the new retail environment, and hot tips regarding ecommerce operations, advertising and marketing practices.

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How property pivots in a post-COVID-19 world

How is COVID-19 structurally changing property market sectors - and what are the challenges that lie ahead? Speakers in this webinar were from the MBS Property Foundation Panel comprised of noted office, retail, industrial and tourism sector leaders. Speakers: Prof Jonathan Elms (MU), Peter Mence (Argosy Property), Fiona Shilton (The Warehouse Group), Sue Parcell (Tourism NZ) and Kimberley Richards (Goodman).

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Recognising and responding to financial panic

Director of Massey’s Financial Education and Research Centre, Dr Pushpa Wood, is also a Commissioner at the Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman (IFSO) Scheme. Dr Wood addresses IFSO Scheme members (providers of insurance and financial services) about how to recognise panic-induced financial upheaval.

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Center for Culture-Centered Approach to Research and Evaluation (CARE) lecture series

COVID19 CARE Lecture 1

Communicative Equality and COVID19

Dean’s Chair Professor and Director of CARE Mohan J. Dutta, examines one of the key concepts of the culture-centred approach, communicative equality. He explores the ways in which communicative equality plays out amidst COVID19, materialising the fault lines of the pandemic and offering radically transformative anchors for reorganising human health and wellbeing.

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COVID19 CARE Lecture 2

Solidarities among communities, activists, unions, movements and academics.

What does the practical work of building infrastructures for communicative equality look like? Professor Mohan Dutta examines various strategies for building and sustaining solidarities, focusing on the necessary work of transforming the academe amid COVID-19.

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COVID19 CARE Lecture 3

Prejudice and Covid-19: National Similarities and Differences

Professor Stephen Croucher explores how prejudice has manifested during the Covid-19 crisis with various minority groups being blamed for virus and its spread. He reports preliminary results of an ongoing multi-national study examining prejudice and Covid-19 in the US, Spain, Italy, and New Zealand.

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COVID19 CARE Lecture 4

COVID, Freud and the Small House at Allington

Health and health care have been used as a political tool for years and it is only at times like this that its vulnerability becomes apparent. David Hill, MD Co-Founder HealthHub Project will discuss how health organisations can be flexible, agile and able to listen, sense and respond to their communities.

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Migrant Health Crisis and Communicative Equality

Singapore activists, Jolovan Wham and Kokila Annamalai will unpack the communicative gaps and inequalities migrant workers are experiencing during the pandemic, and the systematic mechanisms to silence workers. They will share their perspectives on what the work of building solidarity with workers and activists looks like.

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Harnessing Distributed Wisdom and Practice-Based Evidence: The Positive Deviance Approach

Prof. Arvind Singhal outlines how the novel PD approach to individual, organizational, and social change based on the observation that in every community there exist certain individuals or groups whose uncommon behaviours and strategies enable them to find better solutions to problems than their peers, while having access to the same resources and facing worse challenges.

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