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Reserve the last Tuesday of each month to hear from some of the leading minds in science today. Massey University Auckland scientists and guest speakers take you into the fascinating world of scientific discoveries.

Most lectures are held on the Massey Auckland campus in the Sir Neil Waters lecture theatre. See map on the right.

Lectures start at 7pm. Light refreshments are served after the talk.

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THE CURRENT SCIENCE BEHIND THE COVID-19 OUTBREAK - this event unfortunately has been cancelled.

Bellbird singing

The science of animal sounds

TUESDAY 31 MARCH 2020, 7-8.30PM

Animals use sounds for fighting, flirting, group coordination, signalling identity, scaring off predators and more. Some species develop their sounds automatically. Others (like humans and songbirds) must learn by listening and imitating—which leads to the interesting phenomenon of dialects. Dr Webb will take us on a tour of the astonishing diversity of acoustic communication in animals. Demonstrating a brand new tool called Koe that lets you analyse animal vocalisations right in your browser (koe.io.ac.nz), Dr Webb will reveal some surprises about male and female song dialects in New Zealand bellbirds. Brace yourself for weird and wonderful animal sounds!"

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