Massey University's subsidiaries and commercial ventures

Massey is committed to translating innovative academic research into commercial opportunities, through existing commercial enterprises or new ventures.

Massey University's subsidiaries are:

  • Massey University Foundation (100% owned) - our registered charitable trust
  • Massey Ventures Limited (100% owned)
  • e-centre Limited (100% owned by Massey Ventures Limited) - the e-centre business incubator at our Albany campus
  • MUSAC Ltd (100% owned by Massey Ventures Limited) - developing school management software for NZ schools
  • The New Zealand School of Music Limited (50% owned with Victoria University of Wellington) - providing opportunities for comprehensive study of musical performance, composition and historical research.

Massey University also has a number of departments whose principal purpose is to undertake commercial activities, including the Centre for Educational Development, Conference Services, and the Sport and Rugby Institute.

Alphabetical list of subsidiaries and commercial ventures