My eQuals FAQs

My eQuals is an online credentials service that enables academic documents to be digitally certified, securely stored and accessed by students and graduates. Only you, the student or graduate, can access your documents. Once you have activated your My eQuals account you are in total control and have direct, any-time access to view, download and share your documents. You decide who to share them with and for how long.

When accessed online via the My eQuals portal, the documents are guaranteed as authentic, tamper-evident and legally valid.

It is important to note the digital documents only retain their certification and authenticity when in original digital format ie viewed within My eQuals or when digitally shared. Documents lose this authenticity in printed format.

For further general information see the My eQuals website.

What are the benefits of My eQuals?

My eQuals offers significant benefits to all users, students and graduates as well as employers, professional registration bodies and tertiary education providers. The benefits include:

  • document portability – documents can be accessed from My eQuals 24/7 from anywhere in the world
  • immediate access to certified digital documents, cutting the delays of manual production, processing and delivery
  • secure credentials protected by My eQuals ensures the authenticity of documents for parties you choose to share your documents with
  • faster outcomes as these portable, certified documents streamline administration and lead to faster decision making within institutions
  • environmental sustainability and reduced cost – reduction in printing and postage costs leading to less impact on the environment
  • increased control and security - you maintain control over who receives access to your documents and for how long.

How secure are My eQuals documents?

My eQuals uses advanced, long-term cryptographic validity to maintain data confidentiality, data integrity, protection and user authentication. 

Documents downloaded from My eQuals and opened using Abode Acrobat Reader will display a blue ‘Certified’ ribbon at the top of the pdf. This shows the document is authentic and certified. Please note: Opening documents in anything other than Abode Acrobat Reader will not allow the document to be authenticated. If you print the digital document, the blue ribbon will not display and the document is no longer certified. This helps ensure its integrity. 

What academic documents can Massey upload to My eQuals?

You can order two types of digital academic documents to have uploaded to My eQuals:

Please note: This does not include study completed at institutions listed below. Please contact us to request hard copies of records for these institutions.

  • Palmerston North College of Education
  • Wellington Polytechnic

How much do digital academic documents cost?

There is no charge when you order digital versions of your Massey academic documents. However, if you choose to order hard copies you will be charged. For details see non-tuition fees.

Can I order a digital document if my grades haven't been released?

Please do not submit an order for digital documents until grades for recently completed courses are displaying in your Student Homepage. Completed courses without grades will be blank on your academic record.

How  do I order my digital academic documents?

You can order Academic Records and Completion Letters by logging into your student homepage and clicking on the Results and exams tab.

Can I still order a Certificate of Attainment?

Certificates of Attainment have been discontinued and replaced by Completion Letters.

How long does it take to receive my digital documents order?

You can expect to receive your order within 10 working days.

How do I access My eQuals?

The first time a document is uploaded to My eQuals, you will receive an email to the personal email address we have on your student record prompting you to register with My eQuals.

If you use a Massey student email address (one Massey provided you with), you must add a personal email address as your primary email to ensure you can continue to access your documents after you leave the University. Alternatively you can link your My eQuals account to a social media account (eg Facebook).

Once you have activated your My eQuals account, you can access your documents by logging into My eQuals.

Required pdf reader and recommended browsers  

In order for documents to be authenticated they have to be opened using Abode Acrobat ReaderAll modern browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Internet Explorer (version 11 or later) are supported by My eQuals. For the best experience, we recommend you use the most up-to-date version.

How will I know my documents are processed?

You will receive an email from asking you to register with My eQuals. When you have registered you will receive an email from asking you to activate your My eQuals account. Be sure to check you spam/junk mail folder and add both email addresses to your safe sender list. You can also log into your student homepage, click on the Results and exams tab and then the Order academic documents link to view your order history. If your order has been processed the ‘Application status’ will be ‘completed’.

I am a first time user and didn’t receive an email from My eQuals. What should I do?

Check your spam/junk mail folder. If you cannot locate an email contact us.

I have a My eQuals account, have ordered records and didn’t receive an email from My eQuals. What should I do?

Check your spam/junk mail folder. If you cannot locate an email try the following:

If you are still having difficulties contact us.

How do I share my digital documents?

It is easy to share your documents to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Just email the person or organisation a link to the specific document in My eQuals, or download a pdf and then upload it or attach it to an email.

What should I do if my document is not correct or isn't showing up in My eQuals?

If you have any concerns or any inquiries regarding your document please contact us.

Can I upload my document when applying for credit at Massey University?

Yes. Please download a pdf version of your document and upload it when you apply online for credit. 

Which other universities are issuing and accepting digital academic documents?

Over 46 Australian and New Zealand universities are using and accepting digital academic documents uploaded to My eQuals. For a full list see the My eQuals website.

Are digital academic records recognised by employers, government agencies and other universities?  

Yes. Many organisations are happy to receive certified digital documents. However, you should check with them first.

What should I do if my employer/agency/university doesn’t accept my digital document?

If your digital documents are not accepted, you will have to order a paper copy and have this certified. For details see requesting hard copies of official, certified documents.

Can I still get official hard-copies of records?

Yes you can. For details and costs see requesting hard copies of official, certified documents. However we hope you explore the benefits of receiving digital versions and reconsider requesting hard copies.