2021 application for credit towards a Massey University qualification due dates

Credit is offered to students to avoid repeating work already completed. Credit is not awarded automatically, you must apply if you think you are eligible. It is advisable to submit your credit application at the same time as you apply. The deadline dates for submission of credit applications are as follows and will be strictly managed. If you cannot supply all the required documents, please apply by the deadline, they can be submitted later.

For courses in: New students Returning students
Semester One/Double Semester 31 October 2020 (International)*
22 January 2021 (Domestic)
22 January 2021
Semester Two 1 May 2021 (International)*
14 June 2021 (Domestic)
14 June 2021
Summer School 29 October 2021 (International)*
29 October 2021 (Domestic)
29 October 2021

* Late applications from international students will be considered based on capacity in the selected qualification.

You can apply for credit when you apply for admission. Once you have been accepted into the University you can also apply for credit by:

  1. Logging into your student homepage.
  2. Clicking the Qualifications and courses tab.
  3. Clicking the Apply for credit link in the Previous tertiary study/Apply for credit section.
  4. Completing the following pages.