Required supporting documents for new domestic students

This page lists the required supporting documents for new domestic students (NZ citizens and NZ residence class visa holders). Required documents for new international students can be found on the International web pages.

You will be able given the opportunity to upload documents when you apply. You might also be required to provide verified hard copies of documents. We will contact you if this is the case. For information about how to verify a document see officially verified documents.

Proof of identity/citizenship

We are required to confirm your full name, date of birth and citizenship. Officially verified copies of your birth certificate, current passport or New Zealand citizenship certificate can be used to confirm these details. Your drivers licence is not an acceptable form of identification.

  • Document required for Cook Islands: A verified copy of your birth certificate with place of birth stated as a place in the Cook Islands. 
  • Document required for Niue: A verified copy of your birth certificate with place of birth stated as a place in Niue. 
  • Document required for Tokelau: A verified copy of your birth certificate with place of birth stated as one of the three islands of Tokelau.

Proof of New Zealand residence class visa

We require your New Zealand residency class visa from your passport OR your letter from NZ immigration stating you have been granted residency. We cannot accept a letter that states you have been granted residency in principle or that your application is being considered.

Proof of achieved qualifications

If you are applying for admission based on qualifications achieved you need to supply copies of your academic transcript(s).

Please note:

  • We do not accept provisional results or exam result notifications.
  • If you have studied at an overseas institution, academic transcripts with the grading scale for each semester of study may be required.
  • If your study was completed at the University of Auckland you can send a link to your verified digital documents via My eQuals. Please see how to request your certified digital transcript. When using My eQuals please enter as the third party address and include your date of birth in the filename for matching purposes. Please note that we cannot accept a printed copy of the verified digital document.

Proof of change of name

If the name you are enrolling under is different from the name on your birth certificate or other documents you have supplied the university, you must provide proof of the change of name and show the link between your names by providing one of the following:

  • Marriage certificate in conjunction with your birth certificate
  • Deed Poll
  • Birth certificate with the change of name
  • The ‘legal request to change name’ form which lists all of your names (the letter from Internal Affairs confirming your name change is not acceptable)

If you supply a marriage certificate and a NZ passport in the married name, both the married name and the birth name can be verified as the Department of Internal Affairs will have received both the birth certificate and marriage certificate to issue the new passport.

If the name on your school academic documents is not your legal name, and you do not have any documents for a name change, you must supply a written letter from your school principal verifying you were known by this name or provide a statutory declaration from a person who can officially verify documents.

Birth certificates

If you need to obtain a birth certificate, contact Births, Deaths and Marriages on 0800 22 52 52. If you have a credit card, you can order copies of certificates at that 0800 number.