Admission Application Terms and Conditions

In submitting my Admission Application and my Declaration I agree to the following Admission Application Terms and Conditions.

1.0    Process for Studying at Massey University

1.1    I understand that I will not be able to study at Massey University until I am enrolled and I will not be enrolled at Massey University until I have received and accepted, in the manner prescribed by Massey University:

  1. an Offer of Place in a qualification; and
  2. an Offer of Enrolment; and

until such time (if any) that Massey University issues me with a written Confirmation of Enrolment.

1.2    I also understand that I must satisfy all conditions required by Massey University to be satisfied and specified in any Offer of Place in a qualification and referenced in any Offer of Enrolment unless any such conditions are waived by Massey University by notice in writing to me.

1.3    I acknowledge that there is no promise by Massey University that I will be admitted or enrolled.

2.0    General

2.1    I acknowledge that I alone decided to apply for the programme stated on my Admission Application and I am not relying on any advice from Massey University that I will be admitted to a programme or that a programme is suitable for any purpose unless I received that advice in writing directly from Massey University and not from any recruitment consultant/agent.

2.2    I agree to supply all further information required by Massey University relevant to my proposed study at Massey University promptly, including, but not limited to, proof of my identity and citizenship.

2.3    Some programmes of study have particular entry requirements. I agree that if Massey University requires me to be Police vetted and/or safety checked for the Vulnerable Children Act or as otherwise required by law, I will sign all such forms prescribed or required by Massey University and participate in that process as required by Massey University.  I also agree to undertake any medical tests prescribed by Massey University (if any) in respect of my chosen programme.

2.4    I acknowledge that liability for any failure by Massey University is excluded where that failure has been caused by circumstances beyond control of Massey University. 

2.5    In addition to these Terms and Conditions other terms and conditions of my enrolment at Massey University will be specified or referred to in:

  1. any Offer of Place in a qualification if I am given one;
  2. any Acceptance of an Offer of Place in a qualification if I accept it;
  3. my Enrolment Application (if any),
  4. any Offer of Enrolment and Acceptance of the Offer of Enrolment,
  5. any written Confirmation of Enrolment issued to me by Massey University,

but nothing else will be incorporated into the agreement between us.

2.6    I agree that if I want to study towards a qualification different to that listed in my Admission Application then I must submit a new Admission Application for the qualification that I wish to study.

2.7    I acknowledge that my submission of my Admission Application does not mean that Massey University will still offer the qualification I want to study towards when I want to study it.

2.8    I understand that, except as required by the Education Act, accreditations for programmes/qualifications may change and there is no warranty by Massey University that any particular accreditation will be attained or retained.

2.9    Before submitting my Admission Application I have received clear and sufficient information to enable me to make an informed choice to submit my Admission Application to study at Massey University towards the qualification specified in my Admission Application.

3.0    International Students Studying on Campus in New Zealand

3.1    I have read the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016.  I am also aware of the International Student Contract Dispute Resolution Scheme Rules 2016. 

4.0    Admission Fees

4.1    I agree to pay to Massey University at the same time that I submit my Admission Application any applicable Admission Fees listed on the University Fees page. I agree that the applicable Admission Fees are not refundable in any circumstances.

5.0    Privacy Statement

5.1    I understand that Massey University will collect, store, use and disclose personal information about me in the course of conducting its functions and activities and that a unique identifier will be assigned to me to facilitate this. I have read and understand how such information will be managed and disclosed in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993, and as outlined on the University website and in the University Calendar. I acknowledge that I have the right to access and seek correction of personal information about me (subject to exceptions in the Privacy Act).

6.0    False, Incomplete or Misleading Information

6.1    If I withhold information or if I provide incomplete, false or misleading information the University may refuse to admit or enrol me or cancel my enrolment and may withhold my academic record if its veracity cannot be confirmed.

7.0    Under 18 Years Old

7.1    If I am under 18 years old I understand that Massey University requires that I provide an “Authority and Agreement for Applicant under 18 Years Old” duly signed by my parent or other person responsible for my wellbeing and financial support.

Admission Application Declaration

I declare that:

1.    The information given in the Admission Application is true and correct and that no information that may have a bearing on your decision to admit me or not has been withheld.

2.    In submitting my Admission Application, I have read, understood and agree to the Admission Application Terms and Conditions.

3.    I authorise the collection, holding, use and disclosure of personal information about me set out and referred to in the Privacy Statement in the Admission Application Terms and Conditions.

4.    I agree that any evidence of identity and citizenship I have supplied, or will supply as part of the admission process, is correct and belongs to me.