Discretionary Entrance

If you are under the age of 20 years and you do not meet the University Entrance standard, but you:

  1. are a citizen or a holder of a residence class visa of New Zealand or Australia*;
  2. are at least 16 years of age and under 20 on the first day of the semester in which you wish to study, and
  3. have not otherwise qualified for admission;

you may apply for Discretionary Entrance.

*Australian applicants’ most recent year of schooling must have been in New Zealand.

Discretionary Entrance after completing Year 12

Discretionary Entrance applicants are expected to have a very good academic record. The normal criteria for consideration for Discretionary Entrance are:

  1. you have received secondary schooling to at least New Zealand Year 12 level (or its equivalent overseas) and
  2. you have achieved a minimum of 72 credits at NCEA Level 2  including 14 credits in each of four subjects (three of which must be approved subjects) with a majority of credits at Merit or Excellence; and
  3. you have met the literacy and numeracy standards required for University Entrance, or their equivalents.

Discretionary Entrance is granted to a nominated undergraduate qualification, not to the University generally.

Please note: If the qualification you wish to study has advanced or selected entry requirements, you may still need to meet these additional entry requirements.

You should apply online. Once you have applied we will contact you and ask you to provide the following documents:

  • a personal statement outlining the reasons why you wish to study at university;
  • a statement from your academic advisor, usually your school principal, commenting on your readiness for university study.

Discretionary Entrance if you have completed the equivalent of Year 13 overseas

If you have completed your Year 13 overseas you may be considered for Discretionary Entrance on the basis of your Year 12 study (criteria outlined above). You should provide confirmation of your exchange. This could be in the form of a certificate showing the completion of an approved exchange programme or a letter from your overseas secondary school. You should apply online

Discretionary Entrance after attempting University Entrance

If you attempted to qualify for University Entrance in Year 13 (through NCEA or equivalent), but you were unsuccessful, you may be considered for mid-year admission in the year following your University Entrance assessment. Admission will be at the discretion of the university. You should apply online

Discretionary Entrance to Summer School after completing Year 13

If you are studying at a New Zealand secondary school, and attempting to qualify for entrance to university, you may apply for Discretionary Entrance in the same year for the purpose of enrolling in courses offered in a Summer School. Any person admitted under this Regulation who does not, in the following January, meet the University Entrance standard will be required to withdraw from the university and may re-apply for admission at mid-year. Students required to withdraw may complete their Summer School programme before doing so, but any courses passed will not be credited to a qualification until University Entrance is gained. You should apply online