Admission to undergraduate study

Massey University includes a preferential admission scheme in its policies for admission to undergraduate qualifications for domestic students. This scheme assists the University to manage its enrolments if programmes are over-subscribed, but it is likely that most applicants will be offered a place in their qualification of choice.

Your application will be assessed as follows:

  1. Assessment of eligibility for university entrance through NCEA Level 3, University Entrance examination or another recognised admission method explained below;
  2. Assessment of a rank score, based on educational background, using the methods explained below. We will calculate a rank score for you;
  3. Assessment against the specific requirements for selection if any (eg assessment of your portfolio of work for the Bachelor of Design with Honours).

If you are under 20 years of age you will be given preference if you gain university entrance and score equal to or above the Preferential Entry Score of 140 points and meet the specific requirements for selection where required. If you are 20 years of age or older, and the University must make selection decisions because your qualification of choice has limited places and is over-subscribed, the assessments outlined above will be used to make those selection decisions. However, Massey University may give preference to students from under-represented groups when making selections into qualifications.

Students who achieve admission to university with a rank score lower than the Preferential Entry Score, or who have no rank score, are still eligible to apply, and it is anticipated that most will be admitted to a qualification. If there are more applicants for a qualification than can be accommodated, the rank score may be used, together with any stated selection criteria for the programme concerned, to prioritise applicants or to determine whether a place can be offered in an alternative qualification.

The following qualifications have specific requirements for selection (see 3 above).

Bachelor of Aviation
Bachelor of Commercial Music
Bachelor of Design with Honours
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Engineering with Honours
Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours
Bachelor of Food Technology with Honours
Bachelor of Māori Visual Arts
Bachelor of Nursing
Bachelor of Science (some majors)
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Speech Language Therapy with Honours
Bachelor of Veterinary Science
Bachelor of Veterinary Technology

Conjoint degree programmes
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Business Studies
Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Science
Bachelor of Business Studies / Bachelor of Science

Please contact us if you need any assistance or further information.

Admission methods and English language requirements

Please see the following pages for information about admission methods and English language requirements: 

Don’t meet these requirements?

If you do not meet the above admission methods, you could apply for our Certificate of University Preparation or Certificate in Foundation Studies. These will help you develop the academic and study skills necessary for admission to Massey University.