Fees and payments guide

Understand the types of fees you pay to get a Massey qualification, how to work out costs for your study, and the different ways to pay them.

It's important you know up front what kinds of fees you'll pay for your university qualification at Massey, the cost and how to pay. This guide will outline what you need to know.

Types of fees

To study with us at Massey you pay two types of fees – tuition and non-tuition fees.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees are based on the actual qualification and courses you choose to study. They could include fees for additional components, such as materials or field trips, which you pay for each course or each year of your qualification. You can view tuition fees estimates for qualifications. You can also view fees for courses on the course details pages.

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Non-tuition fees

Non-tuition fees are various administrative fees you pay on top of your tuition fees, such as:

  • charges from the student association or university for student services
  • fees towards university projects that benefit students.

You will be charged some standard non-tuition fees no matter what you are studying. Other non-tuition fees are based on the number of courses you are enrolled in for each semester and where and how you are studying.

Some students will also be charged specific non-tuition fees for using particular services, such as application fees for special administration services, transfers of credits and printing of your thesis.

We list out all of the non-tuition fees on our website so you are clear about what you are paying for. Some of these will be covered by your StudyLink loan if you have one, while others aren't.

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Extra costs

On top of tuition and non-tuition fees, you will also need to factor in costs such as:

  • study materials
  • equipment or field trips where applicable
  • accommodation
  • transport and travel
  • living costs, such as food and entertainment.

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Paying your fees

Your confirmed fees will be detailed in your Offer of Enrolment from Massey as part of your enrolment process.

Students who are New Zealand citizens or residents, whether studying here or overseas, will pay domestic fee rates. Most international students also pay fees to study in New Zealand. This includes full tuition and non-tuition fees.

Domestic students' tuition fees
International students' tuition fees

Your fees for the year are due to be paid before you start studying - or earlier if required by the University.

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Contact us

Get in touch with us early about money matters so we can help and point you in the right direction. We want you to succeed with your study at Massey and are here to help.

If you're a current student, include your student ID number when you contact us.