Tuition fees for domestic students

Find out what you can expect to pay in tuition fees as a domestic student, with New Zealand citizenship or residence. Your tuition fees will depend on what you're studying and how long for. Fees may change.

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About the tuition fees estimates

Tuition fees are charged by Massey for each course you enrol in as part of your qualification. They can also include fees for additional components, such as materials or field trips.

Your total tuition fees are set each year when you get confirmation you're enrolled through the student portal.

The estimated tuition costs in these tables is for domestic students, New Zealand citizens or residents, whether you're studying in New Zealand on-campus or by distance and online learning, or overseas.

Not all qualifications are outlined here. If you can't find costs for your qualification, look up the cost for the individual courses that make up your qualification on the course details pages.

Everyone's tuition fees are different because fees are for the individual courses you enrol in.

These fees do not include non-tuition fees, which include additional compulsory fees.

The fees stated are estimates only and include GST (New Zealand Goods and Services Tax).

The full year fees are based on 120 credits – which is one year of full-time study for a standard qualification or 8 courses at a standard 15 credits each.

If you are enrolled part-time or in a qualification of more or fewer credits (for example the Graduate Diploma of Learning and Teaching – 150 credits) the tuition fee is based on fees for each course.

Your final fees will be detailed in your Confirmation of Enrolment from Massey as part of your enrolment process. Fees are due to be paid before you start studying or earlier if required by the University.

Different ways to pay 

Pre-degree qualifications

To help you get into university you might wish to start with pre-degree or foundation qualifications, also called pathways, made up of 000 to 100-level courses. Later you may be able to count credits from your certificate or diploma towards study at a higher level.

You can take these qualifications even if you do not plan to study an undergraduate degree. Tuition fees depend on length of study and what credits you need to complete the qualification.

Pre-degree qualification type Length of study Credits and courses
English language short course 1 to 6 weeks or more Not applicable
English language course 1 semester Not applicable
University preparation course – foundation 1 semester Not applicable
Certificate 1 semester 60 credits (4 courses)
Diploma 1 year 120 credits (8 courses)

Pre-degree diplomas and certificates - including English courses

Undergraduate certificates

Undergraduate diplomas

Undergraduate bachelor's degrees

As an undergraduate student doing a bachelor's degree your tuition fees vary depending on what you choose as your 'major' subject area and the courses you take for your degree.

Completing a bachelor's degree usually takes 3 years of full time study based on 120 credits per year (8 courses, 100 to 300-level, at 15 credits each).

Some specialised bachelor's degrees need more credits, take longer and cost more. For example:

Bachelor of Aviation 
Bachelor of Veterinary Science 

2022 fees

This table shows estimated 2022 undergraduate tuition fees for domestic students in different subject areas by course and year.

Undergraduate bachelor's degree - subject area Estimate of tuition fees for each course
(based on standard 15-credit courses)
Estimate of fees 2022
(based on 120 credits)
Agriculture $922.79 $7,382.30
Arts $780.95 $6,247.60
(Air Transport Pilot - first year 180 credits)
$964.44 to $10,850.00 $52,220.00
Aviation Management $780.95 to $964.44 $6796.10
Business $780.95 $6,247.60
Computing $925.00 $7402.00
Design $886.80 $7,094.40
Engineering/Technology $964.44 to $1,226.55 $7,715.50 to $9,812.40
Medical Laboratory Science $922.80 $7,382.30
Nursing $922.80 $7,782.30
Science $886.80 $7,094.40
Social Work $780.95 $6,247.60
Speech Language Therapy $922.80 $7,382.30
Teacher Education $720.20 $5,761.50
Veterinary Science $1,652.00 $13,216.00

Bachelor's degrees 

Graduate qualifications

Domestic students can select from different graduate certificates and diplomas, with courses at 300-level and above.

Tuition fees vary depending on the type of qualification, the length of time this takes as well as the ratio of taught time to own research time.

Graduate qualification type Length of study Credits and courses
Graduate certificate 1 semester 60 credits (4 courses)
Graduate diploma 1 year 120 credits (8 courses)

Graduate certificates 

Graduate diplomas 

Postgraduate qualifications

Postgraduate qualifications include certificates, diplomas, honours year for bachelor's degrees, master's, and doctorates (such as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) as well as named doctorates, for example Doctor of Social Work).

Tuition fees are based on the type of qualification, as each qualification has a different length and different credit requirement.

Postgraduate qualification type Length of study Credits and courses
Postgraduate certificate 1 semester 60 credits (4 courses)
Bachelor's degree with honours 4 years (including the 3 year degree) 480 or 600 credits (32 or 40 courses)
Postgraduate diploma 1 year 120 credits (8 courses)
Postgraduate diploma in veterinary science 1 year 120 credits (8 courses)
Master's degree – coursework 1 to 1.5 years 180 credits (12 courses)
Master's degree – research 1 to 2 years 240 credits (16 courses)
Doctorate 3 to 4 years 360 credits (24 courses)

2022 fees

This table shows the 2022 estimated postgraduate tuition fees for domestic students in different subject areas by year.

Postgraduate area of study Estimate of fees for each year
(based on 120 credits)
Agriculture $7,788.80 to $9,812.40
Arts $6,796.10 to $8,975.20
Business $6,796.00 to $8,975.20
Computer Science $7,535.20 to $9,786.50
Design $7,535.20 to $9,786.50
Engineering/Technology $7,788.80 to $9,812.40
Nursing $7,535.20 to $9,786.50
Science $7,535.20 to $11,767.00
Social Work $6,796.10 to $8,975.20
Teacher Education $7,153.20
Veterinary Science $8,392 to $13,216.60

Please contact for information on fees for the:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Executive MBA

Please contact for information on fees for the:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
  • PGDip Business – Business Administration

Honours bachelor's degrees

For some subject areas, you can enrol for an additional postgraduate honours year when you complete your bachelor's degree. You need to excel during your bachelor's degree to do the honours year.

For other subject areas, you can enrol in a bachelor's degree with honours when you first start studying. This gives you a degree lasting 4 years. Your last year is at postgraduate level, when you can choose to do more taught courses or do your own research.

Qualification types 

Postgraduate qualifications 

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The information on these pages is for estimation purposes only. Actual fees payable will be finalised on confirmation of enrolment. Unless otherwise stated, all fees shown on this page are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include Goods and Services Tax. You should also read the University's Disclaimer Notice before relying on any information on these pages.