Tuition fees for international students

See what you can expect to pay in tuition fees as an international student at Massey. The cost of tuition depends on the qualification and how long your study lasts. Fees may also change.

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About the tuition fees estimates

We charge a tuition fee for each course you enrol in for your qualification. You choose different courses to make up enough credits to get your qualification. Your fees are confirmed when you have enrolled in courses in the student portal. Your final tuition fees are listed in your Offer of Enrolment.

Everyone's tuition fees are different because fees are for the courses you enrol in. Fees are likely to increase each year.

Not all qualifications are outlined here. If you can't find costs for your qualification, look up the cost for the individual courses that make up your qualification on the course details pages.

These fees do not include non-tuition fees, which include additional compulsory fees.

The fees stated are estimates only and include GST (New Zealand Goods and Services Tax).

Qualification types 

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Pre-degree or pathway qualifications

Pre-degree qualifications help you meet the entry requirements for university. They are also called foundation qualifications or pathways.

You can study these qualifications even if you do not plan to apply for an undergraduate degree.

2022 fees

This table shows the 2022 estimated fees for the different pre-degree qualifications and how long each one takes.

Pre-degree or pathway qualification Length of study Estimate of total tuition fees
English language short course 5 weeks modules $2,375
English Academic Purposes 10 weeks $4,750
Foundation Certificate (International) 1 semester $12,440
Foundation Certificate (International – Accelerated) 1 year $24,880

Undergraduate qualifications

Your tuition fees vary depending on what you choose to specialise in as your 'major' subject area and the courses you choose in your degree.

Completing a bachelor's degree usually takes three years.

2022 fees

This table shows the 2022 estimated tuition fees in different subject areas for international students by course and year. It’s based on taking eight courses of 15 credits each over one year to reach the standard 120 credits. Remember that courses in some subject areas could cost you more than others.

Undergraduate degree – subject area Estimate of tuition fees for each course Estimate of tuition fees for each year
Agriculture $4,348.75 $34,790.00
Arts $3,518.75 $28,150.00
(Air transport pilot – first year 180 credits)
$4,522.50 to $17,042.40 $94,842.50
Aviation Management $3915.00 to $4,685.20 $31,320.00
Business $3,915.00 $31,320.00
Computer Science $4,216.25 $33,730.00
Design $4,330.00 $34,640.00
Engineering $4,686.25 to $5,161.25 $37,490.00 to $41,290.00
Medical Laboratory Science $4,686.25 $37,490.00
Nursing $4,330.00 $34,640.00
Science $4,348.75 $34,790.00
Speech Language Therapy $4,686.25 $37,490.00
Technology $4,686.25 to $5,161.25 $37,490.00 to $41,290.00
Veterinary Science (year 1) $6,130.00 to $8,662.50 $49,040.00 to $69,300.00
Veterinary Science (years 2 to 5) $8,662.50 $69,300.00

Graduate qualifications

International students can choose from different graduate qualifications. See the tables for your estimated tuition fees. The tables are based on the type of qualification and how long it takes.

2022 fees

Graduate qualification type Length of study Estimate of total tuition fees
Graduate certificate 1 semester $17,500
Graduate diploma 1 year $28,000 to $35,000

Postgraduate qualifications

International students can study postgraduate qualifications ranging from certificates to doctorates. Tuition fees depend on how much of your individual qualification is taught through courses or is your own research.

For some subject areas, you can study a postgraduate honours year. The honours year costs the same as a postgraduate qualification.

Fees overview by type of qualification

See your estimated tuition fees based on the type of qualification and how long it takes.

2022 fees

Postgraduate qualification type Length of study Estimate of total tuition fees
Postgraduate certificate 1 semester $16,000 to $21,000
Postgraduate diploma 1 year $32,000 to $41,000
Postgraduate diploma in veterinary science 1 year $48,000
Master's degree – coursework 1 to 1.5 years $49,000 to $61,000
Master's degree – research 1 to 2 years $49,000 to $61,000
Doctorate 3 to 4 years $19,000 to $33,000

Fees overview by area of study

Check these tables for estimated tuition fees in your qualification’s subject or area of study. The tables are based on studying 120 credits each year.

2022 fees

Postgraduate qualification – area of study Estimate of tuition fees for each year
Agriculture $42,100.00
Arts $31,950.00
Business $32,770.00
Computer Science $37,920.00
Design $37,920.00
Engineering $41,290.00
Science $38,330.00
Technology $41,290.00
Veterinary Science $49,040.00

Contact Massey Business School about fees for the:

  • Master of Advanced Leadership Practice (MALP)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master of Professional Accountancy and Finance
  • Executive MBA and PGDip Business – Business Administration.


PhDs and professional doctorates

International students starting work on PhDs and other doctorates pay the same as domestic students. You need to live in New Zealand during your doctoral study to pay domestic fees.

You can do research overseas for up to 12 months in total while you're enrolled and paying domestic fees.

PhDs and doctorates at Massey

Paying your fees

As a new international student, you need to pay your first full year of tuition fees when you accept your Offer of Place. Once you have paid, you get a Receipt of Payment, which you can use in your student visa application.

If you're a returning student, use your Statement of Account when you apply to Immigration New Zealand to renew your student visa.

Get invoices, receipts and statements from Massey by logging in to the student portal

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The information on these pages is for estimation purposes only. Actual fees payable will be finalised on confirmation of enrolment. Unless otherwise stated, all fees shown on this page are quoted in New Zealand dollars and include Goods and Services Tax. You should also read the University's Disclaimer Notice before relying on any information on these pages.