Encheng Chen

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Safety managemet)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Health


Thesis Title
Non-regulatory food safety management in New Zealand: Motivation, effectiveness, and implications

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Non-regulatory food safety management schemes have become a prevalent component of the food safety control system of the global food supply chain. Mr Encheng Chen investigated the motivation for, challenges and impacts of, the effectiveness of, and the role of third-party certification bodies in the implementation of non-regulatory food safety management schemes in New Zealand. It was found that non-regulatory food safety management is a key component of the entire food safety control system. The implementation of these schemes was mainly driven by major customers’ requirements. After the implementation, respondents experienced many desirable changes such as the improvement of product traceability and food safety culture. The effectiveness of these schemes was largely influenced by the food safety culture in food manufacturing companies and the quality of third-party food safety audits. A relatively robust food safety culture is in place in the food manufacturing industry, although there are areas needing improvement. 

Professor Steve Flint
Dr Paul Perry
Dr Robert Lau
Associate Professor Martin Perry