Rebecca Stirnemann

Doctor of Philosophy, (Zoology)
Study Completed: 2016
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Ecology, Population Dynamics and Drivers of Decline in a Tropical Island Honeyeater: The Ma'oma'o

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Many bird species found on the South Pacific Islands are under threat of extinction, often through habitat loss and introduced predators. Ms Stirnemann’s research refines our understanding of these threats by examining their impact on one species, the Ma''oma''o, or giant forest honeyeater, of Samoa. She found each breeding pair has a single, slow-growing offspring each year and it is susceptible to black rat depredation during the breeding season. As a result, conservation management of these and many similar slow-breeding South Pacific birds will require intensive rat control at key breeding sites during the breeding season.

Professor Murray Potter
Dr David Butler
Associate Professor Edward Minot