Md Alfazal Khan

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Health


Thesis Title
Effects of early life arsenic exposure on the respiratory system, blood pressure and renal function in children and adolescents in rural Bangladesh, Matlab

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Arsenic, an environmental toxicant, in drinking water is a global public health concern. In Bangladesh, about one-fourth of the total population including millions of pregnant women and children are taking arsenic contaminated water. Evidence suggests that early life exposure to arsenic increases the risk of developing cancers and other chronic illnesses in adulthood and later life. Dr Khan investigated the impact of early life arsenic exposure through drinking water on lung function, blood pressure and kidney function in children and adolescents in rural Bangladesh at Matlab where arsenic contamination of tube-well water is highly prevalent. He observed that children and adolescents exposed to high arsenic in early life were at increased risk of developing chronic respiratory symptoms and decrements in lung function, pre-hypertension and modest impairment in kidney function. Dr Khan's research findings have reinforced the necessity of immediate arsenic mitigation in Bangladesh demanding national and international attention.

Dr Ailsa Smith
Professor Neil Pearce
Professor Jeroen Douwes