Herath Ariyarathna

Doctor of Philosophy, (Veterinary Science)
Study Completed: 2020
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Prognostic significance of tumour-associated inflammation related markers in canine mammary gland tumours

Mammary gland tumours are the most common neoplasm in intact female dogs worldwide. These neoplasms have high histological diversity and their biological behaviour also vary a lot. Therefore, prognostic determination of mammary neoplasms in dogs is difficult and currently available routine diagnostic methods are insufficient. Tumour-associated inflammation related prognostic markers are efficiently used to determine prognosis in human breast cancers and human breast cancers and canine mammary gland tumours have many common features. Ms. Ariyarathna studied whether inflammation related prognostic markers used by human pathologists for prognostic determination in breast cancers are similarly useful for prognostic determination in canine mammary gland tumours. She found that some of the tested prognostic markers facilitate accurate prognostic determination in dogs especially distant tumour metastasis.

Professor John Munday
Dr Niranjala De Silva
Dr Dani Aberdein
Dr Neroli Thomson