Parkpoom Siriarchavatana

Doctor of Philosophy, (Health Science)
Study Completed: 2021
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The preventive effect of greenshell mussel meat against osteoarthritis in vivo

The prevalence of osteoarthritis due to metabolic disorders has been increasing worldwide. As there are challenges in the early prognosis and treatment, preventive measures using nutritional approaches are considered to reduce this disease burden on public health. Mr Siriarchavatana used greenshell mussel (GSM) which has an anti-inflammatory property, as a dietary intervention in rats. He found that metabolic osteoarthritis was initiated by multifactorial causes, aging, obesity, and loss of estrogen, and with the exclusion of one cause, obesity, it was possible to halt disease progression. Inclusion of GSM reduced the cartilage degradation marker levels in the early stages of the disease development. GSM also slightly increased bone mineral density in the young animals and showed a preventive effect on cartilage degradation directly at the knee joints. This study highlighted the potential of GSM on preventing osteoarthritis.

Dr Fran Wolber
Dr Sabrina Tian
Dr Matt Miller
Professor Marlena Kruger