Mohamad Aiman Jamsari

Doctor of Philosophy, (Mechanical Engineering)
Study Completed: 2020
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The role of flute morphology in mechanical behaviour of corrugated fibreboard - A numerical, analytical and empirical study

Corrugated fibreboard (CFB) is widely used for export, shipping, and storing products. It is famous for its lightweight, low cost and high-strength (imparted by the corrugated flute structure). In 2018 alone, the CFB market was valued at USD 176.1 billion globally. Two challenges in the industry are preventing box failures that can damage products and that different products require specially designed boxes. Mr Jamsari tackled these problems by looking at the fundamental role of the fluted structure on CFB to optimise its design. He developed a mathematical prediction of board performance, developed novel techniques to understand how crushing on flute morphology (the wavy structure sandwiched between two liners) affects the strength of CFB and built colourful numerical simulations through replicating the actual CFB test. He has contributed to our understanding of the role of flute morphology in the mechanical behaviour of CFB.

Professor John Bronlund
Dr Karl Dahm
Dr Celia Kueh
Dr Eli Gray-Stuart