Marzieh Eblaghi

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Technology)
Study Completed: 2020
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Process for Recovery of Smooth Fibre Ingredient from Pomace

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Pomace (the solid residue that remains after squeezing fruit or vegetables for juice) is a good source of fibre, yet a significant amount is produced annually as waste. Many existing fibre ingredients on the food market offer little physical and sensorial functionality to a food system due to their cellulosic structure. Ms Eblaghi developed a simple process to convert pomace into a fibre product with creamy fat-mimetic properties for use in drinks and smoothies as well as a product with good water-binding properties for use in baked systems. She discovered the size insoluble fibre must be reduced to, and what molecular weight pectic oligomers must be maintained at, to achieve the sensory properties desired in the target ingredient. Ms Eblaghi developed a system to guide the selection of time, temperature, and shear required of the full-scale process when acting on apple pomace.

Professor Richard Archer
Dr Erin O'Donoghue
Professor John Bronlund