Omid Taheri Qazvini

Doctor of Philosophy, (Chemistry)
Study Completed: 2019
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Metal-Organic Frameworks for Selective Gas Separation

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With an ever increasing need for a more energy-efficient and environmentally benign procedure for gas separation, adsorbents with tailored structures and tunable surface properties are in high demand. Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs), constructed from metal containing nodes connected by organic bridges are promising candidates as adsorbents for gas separations due to their large surface areas, adjustable pore sizes and controllable properties, as well as acceptable thermal stability. However, MOFs are expensive to be fabricated and the majority of them are not stable in harsh environments, which are often required by industrial processes. Mr. Taheri Qazvini introduced three families of metal-organic frameworks with exceptional gas separation performance for a variety of different gas mixtures separation. Their unique separation performances are well supported by isotherm measurement, X-ray crystallography, molecular simulation, and breakthrough tests. These MOFs are all readily synthesizable by inexpensive precursor and are highly stable at extreme conditions.

Professor Shane Telfer
Professor Richard Haverkamp