Emmanuel Owusu Kyere

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Microbiology)
Study Completed: 2020
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Colonisation of lettuce by Listeria monocytogenes and its biofilm formation

Listeria monocytogenes is a foodborne pathogen capable of causing listeriosis, an infection with symptoms such as fever, headache, and diarrhoea. Foodborne outbreaks associated with fresh produce due to Listeria monocytogenes are increasing, leading to recalls of ready-to-eat vegetables. Mr Kyere investigated Listeria monocytogenes attachment, survival, growth, and biofilm formation on hydroponic-grown and soil-grown lettuce leaves. He demonstrated for the first time, the minimum exposure time for Listeria monocytogenes attachment to both hydroponic-grown and soil-grown lettuce. He also investigated the ability of lettuce leaf extracts to support the biofilm formation of Listeria monocytogenes. Mr Kyere identified a new food control method using UV-C stress to reduce Listeria monocytogenes survival and growth on lettuce leaves.

Professor Steve Flint
Mr Graham Fletcher
Associate Professor Jon Palmer
Professor Jason Wargent