Florentine Van Noppen

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agriculture and Environment)
Study Completed: 2021
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Individuals, organisations, and local context shaping small-scale agricultural initiatives addressing sustainability

Experts have recognised agricultural land-use needs transformative change to become sustainable while feeding the world population. The role of initiatives collectively driving transformative change has been studied in sustainability transitions literature. However, how individual initiatives are being shaped at the level of individuals and initiatives has not been studied extensively. Insights from Ms van Noppen’s study showed how these initiatives were being shaped and revealed how forces associated with an ongoing transition were experienced at the individual level. Hence, personal relationships with employees of agencies and local contexts shape how individuals and initiatives navigate sustainability transition, which further highlights the need for a more tailored approach at the local scale.

Dr Janet Reid
Professor David Horne
Dr Karen Hytten
Associate Professor Lucy Burkitt