Nurudeen Adedayo Adegoke

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2019
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Contributions to improve the power, efficiency and scope of control-chart methods

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A common motivation for the collection of data is to monitor a system for a change in state. Natural and human systems and measurements are usually subject to variation, which imbues uncertainty into inferences regarding changes in state and limits our ability to determine when a system has fundamentally altered. Mr Adegoke developed efficient new parametric and non-parametric multivariate control-chart methods for detecting changes in the process parameters of interest. He also developed efficient univariate control-chart methods for monitoring small shifts in the process mean when the process variable is observed along with a correlated auxiliary variable. Mr Adegoke's research will aid practitioners in applying a wider variety of enhanced and novel control-chart tools for more powerful and efficient monitoring of processes.

Dr Mat Pawley
Distinguished Professor Marti Anderson
Dr Adam Smith