Yanni Dong

Doctor of Philosophy, (Plant Biology)
Study Completed: 2021
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Pachycladon species evolved traits to adapt to New Zealand habitats

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P. cheesemanii is a perennial herb widespread in the South Island of New Zealand. As an allotetraploid, it is unknown whether it has evolved some different mechanisms from its close relative, A. thaliana, which help this species adapt to its particular living environmental conditions. Ms Dong constructed a draft genome of P. cheesemanii and compared its multiple-stress-induced gene expression profiling with that of A. thaliana. The genomic analysis showed the close similarity of the P. cheesemanii genome with that of A. thaliana and suggested that the strongly UV-B-induced UVR8-independent pathway in P. cheesemanii might help this species tolerate relatively high UV-B radiation. The multiple-stress-induced gene expression profiling revealed that, under various stresses, P. cheesemanii developed some unique characteristics. Ms Dong's research has provided valuable insight in understanding the evolved traits of Pachycladon species to adapt to New Zealand habitats.

Dr Sara Burgess
Professor Patrick Biggs
Dr Anne Midwinter
Professor Scott McDougall
Dr Adrian Cookson
Dr Ahmed Fayaz
Associate Professor Shengguo Zhao
Associate Professor Richard Van Vleck Pereira