Scott Hutchings

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Science)
Study Completed: 2011
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Oral processing of heterogeneous foods

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Mr Hutchings’ research focused on the chewing of heterogeneous foods – foods with more than one food component. Research was undertaken on food matrices containing embedded peanut pieces, where the particle breakdown pathway and particle size distribution of food bolus ready for swallowing was assessed. Results showed the physical properties of one food component can influence the breakdown of another food component in a heterogeneous system. In particular, the matrix influenced the rate that the peanut particles were broken down, and the spread of peanut particle size in the food bolus ready for swallowing. These findings may allow food manufactures to design foods with improved sensory and nutritional benefits.

Dr Kylie Foster
Professor John Bronlund
Professor Jim Jones
Professor Roger Lentle
Mr Marco Morgenstern