Hye Ha

Doctor of Philosophy, (Veterinary Pathology)
Study Completed: 2013
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The biology of Avipoxvirus in New Zealand Avifauna

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Avipoxvirus (APV) infection is a highly contagious disease of birds, which is associated with economic loss in the poultry industry and the decline in biodiversity in free-ranging birds. It is known to cause mortalities in many endangered birds in New Zealand. This study confirmed that various New Zealand birds were susceptible to APV infection and that at least three different strains of APV were present in New Zealand. A high seroprevalence to APV in New Zealand birds confirmed that the virus was well established. A significant relationship between birds seropositive to APV and the ones positive to Plasmodium spp. had also been observed, both of which were known to be pathogens responsible for dramatic declines in island bird populations. The vaccine trial suggested that vaccination of native passerine birds using commercially available vaccines could be an effective tool to reduce APV mortality.

Professor Brett Gartrell
Associate Professor Maurice Alley
Associate Professor Laryssa Howe