Ahmed Amerah

Doctor of Philosophy, (Poultry Nutrition)
Study Completed: 2008
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Feed particle size, whole wheat inclusion and Xylanase supplementation in broiler diets: Influence on the performance, digesta characteristics and digestive tract development.

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Mr Amerah studied the effect of feed particle size, whole wheat feeding and exogenous enzyme supplementation on broiler performance and digestive tract development. In New Zealand, medium grind is typically used for grinding grains, with the primary aim of maintaining good feed quality. The findings of this thesis suggest that energy savings during feed processing could be achieved by coarse grinding of grains with no adverse effect on broiler performance. Further, cereals used in broiler diets can be ground more coarsely than the current practice. Wheat hardness appears to be an important criterion to consider when choosing a cultivar for whole wheat inclusion in broiler diets. Another major finding was that the effectiveness of exogenous xylanase in wheat-based diets could be improved by considering factors such as particle size and wheat hardness.

Professor Ravi Ravindran
Associate Professor David Thomas
Professor Roger Lentle