Zaker Hussain

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agroforestry)
Study Completed: 2007
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Environmental Effects of Densely Planted Willow and Poplar in a Silvopastoral System

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Mr Hussain’s research focused on the environmental effects of densely planted young willow and poplar trees as options for reducing soil erosion and nutrient losses from grazed and fertilised pastoral lands. These events affect New Zealand’s downstream water quality. The effects of willow and poplar trees on soil water content and understorey pasture growth were also studied. The findings of the study encourage the planting of trees to reduce surface runoff, soil erosion and nutrient losses from farms. However, trees can limit pasture growth through shade and soil water deficit but their negative effects can be minimised through canopy and tree density management. The timing and intensity of livestock grazing and the use of N and P fertilisers need managerial skills and scientific knowledge to avoid their deleterious effects on New Zealand waters.

Professor Peter Kemp
Professor David Horne