Angkana Noisuwan

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Technology)
Study Completed: 2009
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Effects of milk protein ingredients on physico-chemical properties of rice starch

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Ms Noisuwan’s research focused on the effects of milk protein ingredients on the physico-chemical properties of rice starch, with the aim of explaining the mechanisms involved in these systems. The research showed that lactose and minerals played a key role in delaying the onset of pasting and gelatinization of rice starch when milk is added to starch suspensions. It also found that milk proteins do adsorb and/or absorb to rice starch granules, and as a consequence increase their resistance to swelling. However, if the milk proteins are adsorbed in micellar form their effect is muted. The rheological behaviour of the gels made of a mixture of milk proteins and rice starch was dominated by that of the continuous phase made of glucan molecules from rice starch. The findings of the thesis are of high relevance to the dairy industry as they give an insight into the interactions between dairy protein ingredients and rice starch during pasting.

Associate Professor Brian Wilkinson
Professor John Bronlund
Associate Professor Yacine Hemar