Maria Ayanegui Alcerreca

Doctor of Philosophy, (Veterinary Clinical Science)
Study Completed: 2006
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Epidemiology and control of Leptospirosis in farmed deer.

Dr Ayanegui-Alcérreca’s research deals with the epidemiology and control of leptospiral infection in New Zealand farmed deer. The research was prompted by concerns within the deer industry of the growing awareness of the prevalence of leptospirosis in the national farmed deer herd, as an animal and human health issue. The general objective was to provide the New Zealand Deer Industry with an enhanced understanding of the epidemiology and distribution of leptospirosis in farmed deer, and the role of a vaccine as a possible control measure to reduce animal and human risk of disease. A serological survey of 110 herds from across the country confirmed 80% of the tested herds were infected. Clinical signs of Leptospira evidence were observed in farmed deer. Live bacteria were observed in 30.4% of urine samples and 37% of kidneys. In infected herds, vaccination reduced urine shedding in the face of continued natural challenge. 

Professor Peter Wilson
Professor Pr Davies
Dr Julie Collins-Emerson