Matthew Van Derwerff

Doctor of Philosophy, (Engineering)
Study Completed: 2009
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Development of digital instrumentation for bond rupture detection

Mr van der Werff investigated the use of the Bond Rupture sensing technique for the purpose of improving the speed and accuracy of disease detection. He developed appropriate Bond Rupture digital instrumentation, including a field-programmable gate array based, dual frequency, high speed transceiver and sensor interface. He also developed new signal processing techniques to detect bond rupture. These techniques operate by forcing the disease particles to rupture and measuring at what point this occurs. This point in time can be measured by monitoring a mass/frequency change as the particles rupture from the surface of the sensor, thus detecting the disease. The techniques and equipment developed by Mr van der Werff have thus far been used for the detection of simulated disease particles by the project sponsor, Industrial Research Limited, yielding positive results.

Professor Peter Xu
Professor John Bronlund
Dr Yong Yuan