Sureewan Rajchasom

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food and Bioprocess Engineering)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Characterising the kinetics of high temperature browning in foods

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Browning is an important reaction that influences the characteristics and quality of food products. Ms Sureewan developed systems to collect data for kinetic model development to predict the browning reaction on food surfaces during cooking. She found that the key to achieving good predictions of colour change was basing the model on the surface temperature of the food, rather than assuming that the surface temperature is the same as the cooking temperature. Taking advantage of the ability to measure surface temperature in non-isothermal conditions, she successfully developed an oven cooking system with a thermal camera for this purpose. This system and the kinetic models she developed could be a useful tool for designing and controlling food baking systems.

Professor John Bronlund
Professor Tony Paterson
Professor Donald Bailey