Chalida Lueamsaisuk

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Technology)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Health


Thesis Title
Dynamic of Emulsion Structure during Simulated Gastric Lipid Digestion in the Neonate

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Miss Lueamsaisuk investigated the factors influencing the lipid digestion of milk emulsions, notably the role of gastric conditions on emulsion microstructural dynamics during digestion. A static in vitro model, comprising porcine pepsin and fungal lipase was implemented to simulate the neonatal gastric environment. Enzymes were applied in combination or individually, and at variable pH, in order to determine the impact of enzymatic activity on the properties of three emulsion systems: synthetic formulae, a protein-stabilised model emulsion, and maternal milk. Results showed that emulsion interfacial composition played a significant role in the structural dynamics during digestion, being additionally influenced by the specific conditions in the gastric environment. Observed changes to the physicochemical and structural properties of emulsions were considered indicative of lipid digestibility. Findings may provide insights for improved formula design, enhancing our understanding of the role of interfacial structure, ingredient interactions and processing conditions towards achieving optimal digestive efficiency.

Professor Matt Golding
Dr Alastair MacGibbon
Professor Roger Lentle
Associate Professor Lara Matia-Merino