Anja Friedrich

Doctor of Philosophy, (Veterinary science)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Campylobacter jejuni microevolution and phenotype: genotype relationships

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Campylobacter spp. are a major cause of human gastroenteritis. Their wide host range, environmental distribution and high genetic diversity contribute to the complex molecular epidemiology of campylobacteriosis. The aim of this multidisciplinary research was to investigate the phenotype:genotype relationships of C. jejuni and how they influence the micro-evolution of these bacteria in New Zealand. Miss Friedrich’s research results have furthered our understanding of the seasonality of human campylobacteriosis in New Zealand, the existing population structure of C. jejuni, its biochemical requirements and tolerance to osmolytes and provided novel insights into short-term evolutionary dynamics in vivo. Based on these findings and the recommendations for future directions, this could lead to a greater understanding of host-association and new intervention strategies.

Distinguished Professor Nigel French
Professor Michael Hendy
Dr Anne Midwinter
Distinguished Professor Paul Rainey
Professor Patrick Biggs