Nor Ab Rashid

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2013
College of Health


Thesis Title
Development and predictive modeling of set yoghurt as a made-in-transit (MIT) product

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Made-in-Transit (MIT) is a concept of manufacturing food during distribution. Ms Ab Rashid’s research developed an MIT set yoghurt with an extended fermentation time of 168 h. This study proved the alteration of fermentation conditions such as temperature and starter culture composition could influence the fermentation time. An empirical model based on fermentation temperature was developed that predicted the acidification rate, starter bacteria growth and firmness. This model can be used to predict and design an MIT product such as yoghurt. Overall, this work demonstrates the potential of the MIT concept for a fermented food and the concept could be applied to many fermented foods.

Professor Steve Flint
Dr Owen McCarthy
Associate Professor Jon Palmer
Professor Matt Golding