Sergio Olinto Da Motta

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2016
College of Health


Thesis Title
Consumer Behaviour Concerning Food Safety in Brazil and New Zealand: Modelling Food Safety Risk in the Home

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Mr Motta investigated potential food safety risks in Brazilian and New Zealand homes. Using an original modelling for food safety risk assessment he identified critical control points (CCPs), contributing factors and groups most at risk in the domestic environment. His research findings showed that similar consumer behaviour concerning food safety can be found in countries of substantially different degrees of economic development and culture. Food handling steps represented the most concern including food preparation, cooking and handling of leftovers. Socio-economic minorities, people most susceptible to illness and ethnic groups often reported risky practices, demanding special attention from the public health authorities in both countries. In addition, Mr Motta’s research findings suggest that targeting food safety educational campaigns have the potential to be most effective in reducing food poisoning in the home.

Professor Steve Flint
Dr Alasdair Noble
Dr Paul Perry