~ Sadaf

Doctor of Philosophy, (Earth Science)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
A non-conventional model to assess the exploration and production potential of the Waipawa formation: A possible source rock in the East Coast Basin

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Oil shale (a sedimentary rock type) has recently received significant attention because of the relatively large amount of oil and gas stored within it. Source Rock Analysis (SRA) is traditionally used to assess the production potential of oil shales. However, there are recognised limitations to this technique. Miss Sadaf studied various oil shales in different countries using a sequence of analytical techniques and generated a non-conventional hydrocarbon production potential model. She then used this model to assess the hydrocarbon potential of the Waipawa Formation in the East Coast Basin, New Zealand. The Waipawa Formation was found to be an oil shale, with variable petroleum potential. Miss Sadaf’s results were consistent with those inferred from SRA results. However, her model was found to provide better scientific understanding of the hydrocarbon production potential of oil shale than the conventional SRA technique.

Ms Julie Palmer
Professor Chris Anderson