Saleem Bhatti

Doctor of Philosophy, (Soil science)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Arsenic Irrigated Vegetables: Risk assessment for South Asian horticulture

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Throughout South Asia, people are at risk of arsenic poisoning due to the presence of arsenic in drinking and irrigation water.  Mr Bhatti investigated the scenario where carrot, radish, spinach and tomato were irrigated with arsenic contaminated water.  This is a common practice in the agricultural areas of South Asian countries, particularly Karachi, Parkistan.  The highest levels of arsenic were found in spinach where flood irrigation was practiced, and where cattle manure was added to soil as an amendment.  Using a USEPA risk assessment model, the risk to human health was defined as unacceptable with ingestion of As-enriched spinach leaves where the concentration of arsenic in irrigation water was greater than 50 ugL-1.  Mr Bhatti''sfindings can be used to inform and strengthen regulations that protect human health in locations where arsenic contaminated water is used to irrigate vegetable crops. 

Professor Chris Anderson
Associate Professor Brett Robinson
Associate Professor Bob Stewart