Aishath Naila

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2012
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Control of Histamine in Rihaakuru: Emerging Approaches

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Aishath Naila’s research was on ‘Rihaakuru’, a traditional fish paste from the Maldives. Before this research there was little information available about Rihaakuru. This study provided scientific evidence of a formerly suspected food safety hazard –histamine that may cause poisoning resulting in rashes, vomiting and fever. A regression model was developed that predicted the rate and amount of histamine removal by using an enzyme during the manufacture of Rihaakuru. This model can be used to determine conditions that will reduce histamine in other foods that have similar characteristics to Rihaakuru.

Professor Steve Flint
Professor Gerrit Meerdink
Associate Professor Phil Bremer
Mr Graham Fletcher