Raza Khan

Doctor of Philosophy, (Soil science)
Study Completed: 2013
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Boron dynamics and availability in pinus radiata plantation

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Mr. Khan‘s research unveiled the importance of B ulexite, a slow release B fertiliser. The study focuses on the use of different levels of B on the plant B uptake, photosynthesis, plant and soil B concentration, soil microbial (dehydrogenase activities) and microbiological properties (mycorrhizae). This study provided important information about B on plant (height, dry weight), soil (CaCl2 ext. B), dehydrogenase activities and mycorrhizae under optimum B application rates. Part of this study also provided significant information on B adsorption and B adsorption at varying equilibrium solution pH on benchmark soils collected from North Island of New Zealand.    

Professor Chris Anderson
Dr Peter Clinton
Dr Jianming Xue
Associate Professor Paripurnanda Loganathan