Jantana Suntudprom

Doctor of Philosophy, (Health)
Study Completed: 2015
College of Health


Thesis Title
Controlling Processing for Persimmon Product Texture

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Approximately 50 % of persimmon do not meet export standards.  Adding value to this raw material could be achieved by processing into alternative products. Persimmon can be consumed over a wide range of textural profiles, from crisp like an apple, to almost gooey soft like a ripe tomato. To date, there is lack of information of how fruit ripeness influences textural quality of the resulting processed product. This study determined the persimmon ripeness and processing condition effects on yield, physicochemical and textural characteristics of processed persimmon product, and the underlying mechanisms. This study found a self-gelling characteristic of blended persimmon that behaved like a low methoxyl pectin system. Persimmon ripeness, heat treatment and combining fresh tissue influenced gel characteristics.

Professor Andrew East
Professor John Bronlund
Dr Sung Je Lee