Folusho Adeyinka

Doctor of Philosophy, (Veterinary science)
Study Completed: 2013
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The Development of the Bovine Placentome and Associated Structures During Gestation

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The placenta has a key influence on foetal growth, yet placental development during bovine gestation has been relatively poorly described. Ms Adeyinka developed new ultrasound and microscopic methods in order to examine changes during gestation, particularly those occurring in the placentome (a functional unit of the placenta). The size of the placentome increased with gestation length, providing greater surface areas for feto-maternal nutrient exchange. However, unexpectedly, maternal nutrient restriction during the first trimester did not affect placental growth. Quantification of glycoprotein distribution through gestation was shown for the first time. Glycoprotein staining was confined to the foetal and maternal sections of the placenta and reflected the production patterns of the key pregnancy-associated hormones, such as placental lactogens. Whilst foetal growth cannot be defined solely in terms of placental size, the study resulted in wider knowledge about placental development in cows, which could benefit the New Zealand dairy industry. 

Professor Richard Laven
Professor Tim Parkinson
Associate Professor Kevin Lawrence