Girija Page

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agrihorticulture Management Systems)
Study Completed: 2009
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
An environmentally-based systems approach to sustainability analyses of organic fruit production systems in New Zealand

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Given the environmental bottom line in achieving sustainability, Ms Page proposed an approach for the assessment of the sustainability of farming systems. Sustainability assessment was undertaken through analyses of energy and material flows of the system and their impacts on the environment. Application of the proposed sustainability assessment to organic kiwifruit and apple production systems in New Zealand provided important insights into the management of these systems to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts. It also provided guidance into future policy making, which has implications under the Kyoto Protocol and more general sustainability related legislation. The proposed sustainability assessment is a step forward in identifying signals as to when biophysical limits are approached. This enables changes required for moving towards sustainability to be managed without undue hardship on individuals or communities.

Dr Terry Kelly
Associate Professor Ewen Cameron
Associate Professor Maria Minor