Sarah Todd

Doctor of Philosophy, (Physiology)
Study Completed: 2007
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Metabolism of Selenium in Cats and Dogs

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Dr Todd’s research addressed the need to establish adequate dietary selenium requirements for cats and dogs, and to increase knowledge regarding the metabolism of selenium in these species. Concentrations of selenium in commercially available pet foods in New Zealand were determined. The use of blood parameters for assessing selenium status was investigated and apparent absorption, excretion and retention of selenium was assessed in these animals when they were supplemented with various levels of inorganic and organic selenium. The effect of heat processing on the availability of selenium in pet foods was also investigated. This research provided fundamental data on some aspects of selenium metabolism. Results also indicate possible differences in the way in which cats metabolise selenium compared to dogs. However, further work is needed to clarify this and to further define selenium metabolism in these species

Associate Professor David Thomas
Associate Professor Tim Wester
Dr Claudia Ugarte
Dr L Tucker