Jacobus Evers

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Technology)
Study Completed: 2008
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Novel Analytical Techniques for Studying the Milk Fat Globule membrane

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Fat in milk is present as tiny droplets, which are enveloped in a thin membrane, called the milk fat globule membrane. Mr Evers investigated changes in the composition and structure of the membrane after milk fat globules are excreted by mammary cells. These changes have important implications for the processability of cow’s milk and the quality of manufactured dairy products. He subsequently developed microscopy techniques that allow the membrane of fat globules to be stained and studied, in structural and chemical terms, using fluorescent markers. His results suggest that the membrane of fat globules in expressed milk of different species (human, cow and sheep) differs in structure and composition. This is also true for fat globules within a given milk sample. Other analytical techniques were also developed, which will advance knowledge of the milk fat globule membrane, with potential benefits in a number of fields.

Dr Owen McCarthy
Associate Professor Duncan MacKenzie
Professor Geoff Jameson
Professor Richard Haverkamp
Dr Steven Holroyd