Shay Hill

Doctor of Philosophy, (Nutritional Science)
Study Completed: 2010
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Changing the metabolism of dogs (Canis familiaris) and cats (Felis catus) at rest and during exercise by manipulation of dietary macronutrients

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Ms Hill found that by manipulating the macronutrient profile of their diets, the metabolism of dogs and cats, both at rest and during exercise, can be altered. This could have implications worldwide in a number of species. For example, it would enable companion animal owners to tailor their animal’s diet to specific needs, including improving health and optimizing performance. Ms Hill’s research also provides new information on the use of different energy sources during exercise in working dogs and is a major starting point for determining the optimum diet for these dogs. This is very important as working dogs make up a large proportion of the dog population in New Zealand and are invaluable to farmers. However despite their importance, there is very little information available regarding their specific nutritional needs.

Associate Professor David Thomas
Associate Professor Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick
Associate Professor Nick Cave
Dr Rana Ravindran
Dr Claudia Ugarte