Ishwani Singh

Doctor of Philosophy, (Animal science)
Study Completed: 2013
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Optimising the performance of working dogs under New Zealand conditions

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Little attention has been paid to New Zealand working farm dogs’ energy requirements. Ms Singh investigated Heading and Huntaway dogs’ feeding practices and energy requirements. She found that working farm dogs in New Zealand are usually fed once a day on a diet consisting of commercial biscuits (50%) and home kill (50%). Diet composition does not change between peak and off-peak work periods. Instead, the amount changes, with dogs being fed more during peak periods. The digestibility of the average working dog’s diet is high and meets all energy requirements. Heading and Huntaway dogs’ energy requirements were estimated using activity monitors and geographical positioning system monitors. Significant differences were found between Heading and Huntaway dogs’ requirements during peak and off-peak periods. Further research is therefore required to validate whether working farms dogs are receiving all the essential nutrients required from their diet.

Associate Professor David Thomas
Dr Lucy Waldron
Dr Jill Cline
Associate Professor Kay Rutherfurd-Markwick