Pyseth Meas

Doctor of Philosophy, (Agricultural Engineering)
Study Completed: 2007
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Mathematical Modelling and IMprovement of Operating Practices of Sun Drying Rice

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Mr Meas’ research focused on the optimisation of low cost rice, sun-drying systems used in rural Cambodia. Seven sets of sun-drying experiments were conducted in Cambodia using a range of methods, practised by rice farmers. A mechanistic mathematical model of the heat and moisture transport, within the rice bed, was developed. The model was shown to accurately represent the drying process. The model was used to predict the drying time and to identify factors that affected or were correlated with head rice yield, which is the key rice quality metric. The research allows for the determination of the optimum drying conditions for best rice quality, combined with the fastest practical drying rate. Research results will be used to formulate practical advice to Cambodian rice farmers.

Professor Tony Paterson
Associate Professor John Mawson
Professor Don Cleland
Professor John Bronlund
Mr Ak Hardacre